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(Final Sale) AM Wheat Gluten Allergy Bracelet

$5.97 $9.95

Wheat or Gluten Allergy? Help your child who lives Gluten Free be safe and have fun with the Professor Wheatley wheat/gluten free awareness bracelet from AllerMates. Designed to fit most kids ages 3 and up, this colorful band serves as an important reminder of your child’s wheat/gluten intolerance.

  • This kid-friendly version of medical alert bracelet meets and exceeds U.S. and European safety standards for children's products.
  • Designed with three, adjustable snaps, AllerMates bracelets will fit the wrist size of most children who are gluten free ages 3+.
  • Measures 7" in length.
  • This bracelet is latex free.
  • Unlike other medical alert bracelets, AllerMates designs are bright and colorful, so kids love wearing them.