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OLLY Retail Stores – Yonge Street, Etobicoke & Burlington

Yonge Street, Etobicoke & Burlington locations

Yonge Street, Etobicoke: -Closed for the mandatory lockdown period
Burlington location will be closed on December 24th for the mandatory lockdown period.

Please Note
Effective Monday November 23, 2020 our Yonge Street and Etobicoke locations will be closed for the mandatory lockdown period.
Effective Thursday December 24th our Burlington location will be closed for the mandatory lockdown period.

Please Note
For purchases made In-Store at the Yonge Street or Etobicoke locations after November 6, 2020:

For purchases made In-Store at the Burlington location after December 9, 2020:

Our regular return policy will be effective for returns made within 14 days after these locations re-open.


We hope this message finds you healthy and in good spirits.  Our priority is ensuring the health and safety of our staff and customers as we all play a role in the health of our community. 

To maintain the physical distancing recommendations, we will be able to accommodate two families in the store at a time. 

***The Burlington location can only accommodate one family at a time***

We request you to limit your family group to a maximum of two guardians and your children.  We will not be able to allow more people in the store and request that you wait outdoors.

We encourage you to look at our website in advance of your visit to have an idea of what you are looking for and you have the option to order online for pick up in-store. 

Staff will have their temperature checked before each shift, will be wearing masks, and/or face shields and gloves at all times and will maintain their distance.  

It is mandatory for all customers to wear masks for the safety of everyone in the store.   

Families will have the option to have staff assist with the fitting process or parent/guardian can fit their child/children themselves with guidance from our staff to assure the best fit.  Children will be provided with disposable sockettes when trying on shoes. Socks must be worn when trying on shoes or sandals.

  • There will be a sanitizing station that we request you use upon entering the store. 
  • Our staff will sanitize before and after each family interaction along with wiping down all high traffic areas after each transaction. 
  • We will require all transactions to be debit or credit as we are not accepting cash currently. 
  • We are sorry but at this time the bathrooms will be closed to the public.
  • We apologize for the potential of increased wait times as we adhere to the new standards required to help combat Covid-19.
  • The stores will be cleaned throughout the day and will have a deep clean every morning before opening and after close.

For Returns/Exchanges or Damages

Customers will have to wait in line.  All returned items will be sanitized and not put into stock for 48 hours.  
We will not be accepting donations of gently used footwear at this time.

Yonge, Etobicoke & Burlington Pick-Up In-Store Option - Not available until further notice.

No curbside pick-up will be available at our Yonge Street, Etobicoke & Burlington locations. Online orders will be Canada Post Delivery Only.


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